Procurement managers will find suitable consultants with expertist in a simple and innovative process. At current market prices.

In addition to the price, qualitative factors can also be included in the evaluation. So it is possible to negotiate consulting services in auctions.

With expertist you have a tool with which you can better design and control the selection of experts. The ease of use and the time savings reduce the effort considerably. At the same time, the costs for the consulting service are significantly reduced through the use of bidding procedures and auctions.

What new solution does expertist offer?

In the classical procedure the department makes an early selection of the consultants and often takes the process out of the buyers hand. This way the buyers oppurtunities to renegotiate the price are marginal. In addition the intensive email communication is causing the buyer an extensive manual effort. Furthermore there are high magins for the intermediaries.

With expertist you dispose a tool by which you can better organise and operate you expert selection. The easy handling and time savings will significantly reduce your effort. At the same time, by using bidding procedures and auctions, the costs of consultant services will noticeably be decreased.

The savings potential

The total cost of purchasing and using the consultants can be drastically reduced with expertist at different levels.

Placement fee

Cost reduction with expertist by 10-20% compared to the established competition

Costs for consultants

Cost reduction through online negotiation in competition

Internal process costs

High degree of automation of communication processes leads to a very short time spent on purchasing and specialist departments

The advantages of expertist

  • Easy to use
    The platform is easy and intuitive to use
  • Less effort
    Automatic processes instead of complicated e-mail traffic
  • Modern bidding procedures and auctions
    Realize high savings potential
  • Evaluation matrix
    The desired quality factors can be weighted for the price
  • Active recruiting or own consultant pool
    You can use expertist for recruiting or inquire your own supplier