expertist - The Digital Assistant for Consultant Purchasing

Simply find the right consultants and negotiate automatically with all service providers.

expertist is a cloud-based source-to-contract platform for purchasing consulting services. With us, you can easily find the right consultants and additionally combine the offers of your established service providers on one platform. This is how you use the competition and can use bidding procedures and eAuctions automatically for negotiations.

The advantages of expertist Make an appointment

  • Less effort
    expertist makes your work easier and accompanies you in a structured manner throughout the entire consultant purchasing process.
  • Easy to use
    The platform is simple and intuitive to use.
  • Strong bargaining power
    Create high competition and negotiate with bidding procedures and eAuctions. Our game theory algorithm even suggests the best negotiation method for you.
  • Good results
    expertist helps you to select the appropriate negotiation mechanism and automatically conducts the desired negotiation for you.
  • All under one roof
    Combine the offers of established and new service providers on one platform.
  • evaluation matrix
    The desired quality factors can be weighted to the price.
  • Active recruiting or own consultant pool
    You can use expertist for recruiting or request your service provider.
  • Compliance
    With expertist, a proper allocation as well as the observance of the rule for bogus self-employment are no longer a problem for you.

The saving potential

The total cost of purchasing and deploying consultants can be with expertist on different levels can be drastically reduced.

brokerage costs

Cost reduction with expertist by 10-20% compared to established intermediaries.

Costs for consultants

Optimal use of competition through dynamic online negotiations.

Internal legal costs

High degree of automation in communication leads to significantly lower time expenditure for Purchasing and Department